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Pocket DVD Studio helps you convert video files and DVD to Palm Pre, Centro, Treo, Pilot easily. Supports WMV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, RM, RMVB, Tivo2go, dvr-ms, MOV, etc and DVD into WMV and AVI formats playable on portable devices like Pocket PC, Smartphone, Portable Media Center, Palm Pre, Palm Centro, Palm Treo Pro, Palm Pilot and so on. The interface is fairly self-explanatory even the most inexperienced user can also make it a breeze to convert supported formats.

How to rip DVD to Palm Pre/Centro/Treo/Pilot?

1. Download Pocket DVD Studio from site1 or site2, Install and run it on your PC.
The DVD to Palm Pre converter can help you rip DVD and convert video from AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MKV, ASF, DVR-MS, RM to Palm Pre, Palm Centro, Palm Treo Pro and Palm Pilot.

2. Insert a DVD movie disc in the DVD-ROM. Wait for Pocket DVD Studio to start playing the DVD.
Hint: If you want to convert video files, click "File -> Open video files".

3. When movie starts, click "Record it " button. (You can change output size, resolution, etc, before recording).

1) Supported AVI and WMV as output formats
AVI format: Compress more. Provide better video quality than WMV format under the same output size. Before converting, maybe you should install related codec: DivX (free) or Xvid (free).

2) About resolution
Different devices have different screen resolutions. For example, Treo 600 has a 160x160 screen, so you need to choose one of the 160x... resolutions from the list. Most palm devices have 320x320 or 480x320 screen resolutions. Larger resolutions require more space in your memory card. You may choose any resolution that is smaller than the screen. Resolution of 480x320 is not recommended to use, We recommend to use 464x272 instead.

3) Before choosing the output size, split size, check the free space of your memory card first. A formated 128MB card is less than 128MB, file system occupies some space for directory/file entry table.

4) You can rip the whole DVD (default settings), by segments or by chapters.
* Rip just partial segment: Drag the video playback controls to set the "start point" and "stop point".
* Rip by chapters: Choose any chapter from the "Chapters" menu.

5) You may encode a movie for a few minutes and see its result on your Palm before the whole process.

Transfer videos to Palm Pre/Treo/Centro/Pilot

We recommend to use a memory card reader to copy & paste the output file into your Palm. It is 10 times faster than Hotsync. If you don't have a memory card reader, use "Pilot Install" (not "Quick Install") to Hot-Sync the file into a memory card.

If the avi file is small and you want to put it into the RAM, you can use the par utility to pack it into a .pdb file.
For example:
par c -a stream PocketDVD.pdb "PocketDVD.avi" MMPA MMPL PocketDVD.avi

Hint: Delete video files on the memory card
If you don't have a memory card reader, you can use FileZ to manage and delete files.

Play video on Palm

Use TCPMP for Palm or MMPlayer to play videos on your Palm device.

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