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DVD to Pocket PC Ripping Guides

Pocket DVD Studio helps you convert video files, such as, WMV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, RM, RMVB, Tivo2go, dvr-ms, MOV, etc and DVDs into WMV and AVI formats playable on portable devices like Pocket PC, Smartphone, Portable Media Center, Palm and so on. The interface is fairly self-explanatory even the most inexperienced user can also make it a breeze to convert supported formats.

How to rip DVD and convert video files to Pocket PC?

1. Download Pocket DVD Studio, Install and run it on your PC.

2. Insert a DVD movie disc in the DVD-ROM. Wait for Pocket DVD Studio to start playing the DVD.
Hint: If you want to convert video files, click "File -> Open video files".

3. Select output format.
* WMV format: No need to install additional player on your Pocket PC. Windows Media Player can play it directly. Recording is a little bit faster.
* AVI format: Compress more. Provide better video quality than WMV format under the same output size. Before converting, maybe you should install related codec: Xvid (free & recommend) or DivX (free).

4. When movie starts, click "Record it " button. (You can change output size, resolution, etc, before recording).

1) Before choosing the output size, split size, check the free space of your memory card first. A formated 128MB card is less than 128MB, file system occupies some space for directory/file entry table.

2) You can rip the whole DVD (default settings), by segments or by chapters.
* Rip just partial segment: Drag the video playback controls to set the "start point" and "stop point".
* Rip by chapters: Choose any chapter from the "Chapters" menu.

3) You may encode a movie for a few minutes and see its result on your Pocket PC before the whole process.

Transfer videos to Pocket PC

1. Open your Windows Explorer, locate your output file (e.g. C:\PocketDVD.avi), select the file and click "Copy" in Explorer's "Edit" menu.

2. Put your pocket pc into the cradle and connect the USB cable. Once the synchronization begins, click the "Explore" button on the toolbar of MS ActiveSync. Locate your CF card or SD card directory. In "Edit" menu, click paste.

Hint: To copy large files faster, we recommend you to use a memory card reader to copy & paste. The transfer speed will be several times faster.

Play video on Pocket PC

If the recorded video is in WMV format, use Windows Media Player to play.
For recorded AVI videos, use The Core Pocket Media Player for Pocket PC, SmartPhone.

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