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DVD to PSP Ripping Guides

DVD to PSP Suite consists of DVD to PSP Converter and PSP Video Converter. The former can rip IFO, DVD to PSP MP4 video and MP3 audio files. The latter can convert AVI, MPEG, WMV, RM, MOV, DivX, Xvid, 3GP, WMA, WAV, OGG to PSP MP4 video and MP3 audio. It provides you stunning sound and image qualities in a few clicks. Easily and quickly!

How to rip DVD and convert video files to PSP?

1. Download DVD to PSP Converter and run it. Load your DVD by choosing "Add DVD Folder" in the 'File' menu or directly pressing the "DVD" button in the main interface, then select your DVD Drive in the pop-up window and press the "OK" button.

2. Different ripping mode
* Rip the whole DVD to one PSP video file: highlight the title which contains the whole episodes of DVD. As usual, it is the longest title.
* Rip by chapter: press "Show Chapters" button on the interface, and check the chapter(s) you'd like to convert.
* Get the clip: set "Start Time" and "Duration" on the right Panel of the interface to get the clip you want. For example, if you want a 2-minute-clip from the 25 minutes of the whole movie, please enter "00:25:00" for "Start Time" and "00:02:00" for duration.

3. Select the target output format in "Profile" combo-box. The software supports ripping DVD to PSP MPEG-4 video, MP3 and M4A audio.

4. Click "Start ripping" button to convert.

Play PSP video files

After the conversion is done, there will be two output files for each single DVD, chapter or clip. One is the .MP4 video file, playable with QuickTime Player on PC, another is a .THM file. Both of them are necessary for PSP.

Transfer video to your PSP

Connect your PSP with PC first.

Way1: Transfer by PSP Video Manager
It is easy to use. Just click 'Tools -> PSP Video Manager'. The program will detect "C:\Temp" automatically and show the PSP files in this folder on the left; the files on the PSP will be shown on the right, shown as "Removable Disk". Highlight the files which you want to put on the PSP and then click “Copy->”. The files will be transferred into PSP.

Way2: Transfer manually
Copy those two files into "H:\MP_ROOT\100MNV01" (where "H" is the drive letter of your PSP). Re-name your files in PSP. You must re-name them to "M4Vxxxxx.MP4". "M" and "V" should be capital. There would be five random numbers followed "M4V". The numbers must be same for the two files. This is quite important, or your file can not be played on PSP.

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